Lifelong Learners

Many designers are required to engage in Continuing Education Units or CEUs to sharpen their skills and improve their perspectives on specific subjects.

Learn and Engage

Industry CEUs are ideal opportunities to find inspiration, learn about technical solutions for the built environment, or learn more about how our environments impact our health and well-being. 

Shaw Contract offers a number of CEUs accredited by IDCEC and IAI. We can meet with you face-to-face or provide these trainings virtually in our on-demand CEUs and our live digital CEUs series.  

Virtual, Live CEU Opportunities

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Current CEUs Include

Explore color trends that have evolved from our environment, the Earth, creativity, and how we engage with a community.

Design a soundscape that encourages positive emotional and physical responses in the built environment.

Prevent, survive, or solve costly moisture problems with an array of solutions.

Explore the history of healthy building products, and the latest updates in material transparency.

How can we design a life of wellness - for ourselves and for the occupants of the spaces we design?

Learn more about resilient flooring’s durability, performance, innovations, and health considerations.

Learning Opportunities Available When You Are

In-Person CEUs

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